Working life at S & W

Among our clients, we are known for providing top quality work in a personal, friendly and collegial atmosphere. Within the office, we value each team player’s contribution and both provide and expect flexibility, agility and creative as well as critical thinking in solving our clients’ problems. Self starters who are conscientious about their work product are esteemed, and advancement is primarily determined by a firm member’s own abilities and motivation.

Whether you bring experience and clients, are starting your legal career, or in the legal education process, we offer a personable, supportive environment, with “on the job” training, flexible hours, and close collaboration.

If you’re interested in working with us, please let us know by sending us by email or mail a letter of introduction, a current resume, and reference letter from a current or former employer, supervising attorney, judge or law professor.

Minimal qualifications for U.S. law clerks are completion of the second year of law school at an accredited U.S. law school, up to date online legal research skills, and appropriate word processing skills. Additionally, please send us a copy of your law school grades and a writing sample.

Minimal qualifications for German legal interns (“Referendare candidates”) are admission to a Referendariat program in a German state, proven oral and written fluency in English, an interest in U.S. law, online internet and word processing skills.

Please note, because of the need to obtain a J1 visa in order to carry out an internship, we are limited in the number of candidates we are able to accept. Advance notice of the candidate’s interest and a stay of at least three months or more facilitate our ability to act as a sponsor the J1 application made by the candidate.

Interested candidates should send a copy of their university law grades and an English writing sample in addition to the above-described documents, which should be in English.

Please send your information to the attention of: Lisbeth Bosshart Merrill at or to the office address.