Litigation and Arbitration

Complex business litigation

Transnational litigation, consulting and coordinating with foreign counsel

Arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings

Intellectual property infringement

  • Patents, trademarks and unfair competition
  • Copyright, digital technology infringement
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets

Corporate, shareholder, and partnership disputes

Employment issues

Related insurance claims coverage and business torts


Formation and structuring of corporations, partnerships and other business entities

Shareholder & partnership agreements

Private equity financing

Private securities placement

Debt financing

Venture financing

Publicly traded securities in association with securities counsel

Acquisition of corporate shareholdings or assets and divestitures

Contract drafting, negotiation and execution

  • Production, supply, distribution
  • Marketing and sales
  • License and technical assistance
  • R & D, nondisclosure and noncompete agreements
  • Executive and employee agreements

EB-5 Financing

  • Partnering with experienced regional centers
  • Due diligence and vetting regarding proposed EB-5 projects
  • Introduction of EB-5 requirements to project participants
  • Market analysis to determine project qualification to achieve job creation requirements
  • Creation of project participant structure to address EB-5 requirements
  • Determination of capital raise to be accomplished under EB-5
  • Preparation of Private Placement Memos (PPM) and business plans
  • Working with experienced EB-5 immigration counsel
  • Guidance in coordinating capital raises with the scheduling and compliance with USCIS immigrant investor program
  • Relationships with foreign counsel and investor advisors

Intellectual Property

Trademarks & Domain names

  • Trademark and domain name clearance and acquisition
  • Domain name and Internet use and enforcement
  • Domestic and international registration of mark rights
  • Pre-litigation enforcement through cease & desist letters, leverage of ISPs’

    shut down strategies

  • Licensing and assignment

Patents and trade secrets

  • Patentability studies & patent claim prosecution through associated patent counsel David Rosenbaum
  • Prior art searches and validity analysis
  • Financing and developing of high technology and biotech start ups
  • Strategies to protect and enforcement of patent rights in and out of court
  • Pre-litigation enforcement strategies
  • Patent litigation
  • Trade secrets (technical and business) identification, protection and enforcement counseling
  • Nondisclosure & confidentiality agreements with employees, outsourcing parties and licensees
  • Trade secrets misappropriation litigation & arbitration
  • Patent and trade secrets due diligence audits


  • U.S. copyright registration
  • Domestic and international protection and use
  • Work for hire, assignment and license agreements
  • Use and enforcement of digital media
  • Pre-litigation strategies, secondary liability of ISPs
  • Copyright litigation

Clean Tech and Renewable Energy

  • Acquisition of stock or assets in clean tech or renewable energy companies
  • Financing of clean tech start ups or development of clean tech companies
  • Protecting solar, wind or related clean energy technologies, domestic and international patent and trade secrets
  • Developing and commercializing products and services of renewable energy companies
  • Counseling on the regulatory environment in California and the U.S.Water purification systems
    • Federal tax credits
    • California state incentives
    • Emerging energy and environmental policy at the state and federal levels
  • Evaporative cooling systems
  • Environmental protection systems
  • Our attorneys are involved in:
    • German American Business Association (GABA) Clean Tech Industry Group
    • California Clean Innovation
    • Springboard, a unique inter-disciplinary consulting team providing management, marketing and legal counseling to German and California companies in the renewable energy sector.

Life Sciences

  • Advise on design and protection of medical devices
  • Counseling to start-ups
  • Advice on research programs, FDA process, patent and trade secret protection in the field of biotechnology and bioscience
  • Counseling, advice on innovation and commercialization of stem cells and storage technology
  • Biomedical

Assistance in:

  • financing of early-stage ventures
  • technology transfers
  • structuring and negotiating licenses
  • Research and development collaborations and technology
  • Developing intellectual property portfolios
  • Protecting and defending intellectual property rights
  • Developing and financing research and manufacturing facilities

Our attorneys are involved in:

  • Biomimicry LA
  • SoCalBio
  • Growth Capital Partners
  • Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance (LARTA)

Information Technology and Software

  • Structuring and negotiating software license agreements for national and international technology
  • Counseling and drafting of development agreements to protect trade secrets and copyright interests
  • Drafting of maintenance agreements and related storage agreements
  • Drafting and translating of escrow agreements
  • Counseling and negotiating software consulting agreements
  • Negotiating and drafting of employment and confidentiality agreements and related protection of patents, copyrights, and trademarks
  • Advising and negotiating domestic and international software distribution and dealership agreements
  • Advice on privacy and data protection under U.S regulations
  • Protection of copyright of software in the U.S. and abroad
  • Computer software license litigation in state and federal courts
  • Counseling on digital electronics systems
  • Counseling on semiconductor processing and related materials technology

Electronics and Mechanical Systems

  • Industrial/medical lasers
  • Motor vehicle assemblies/systems

Chemistry and Material Sciences

  • Graphite, silicon and ceramic devices
  • Organic/inorganic chemistry

Other Industries

  • Stem Cell Storage and Research
  • Chemical Testing
  • Software and firmware use and design
  • Semiconductors, chip foundries and fabricators
  • Satellite broadcast
  • Medical instrumentation and devices
  • Turnkey computer systems
  • Artificial intelligence software
  • Telecommunications and networks
  • Fiber optics and wireless communications
  • Electronics
  • Optical Systems
  • Energy and power systems
  • Materials science
  • Advanced ceramics, graphite’s and silicon materials
  • Nuclear systems